As technology develops, the ability to establish meaningful customer connections in eCommerce is only getting easier. That means it’s imperative that your eCommerce store uses the Customer Experience as your number one benchmark for success.

Customer interactions ultimately fuel your business. Checking in with your customer’s perception of your brand and making sure they’re having a good customer experience is key.  

Even if you already have a plan worked out, it’s always beneficial to stay up-to-date on trends and work new tools into your Customer Experience Management strategy. By innovating your Customer Experience along with the technology that drives it, you’ll be able to out-pace your competition and increase customer engagement.

Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Customers have come to expect email communications and advertisements from brands, but if you’re not personalizing these interactions with your customers, you’re missing the mark. 

Hyper-personalization will take the guesswork out of marketing campaigns. When you market targeted content directly to a customer based on their own browsing and purchasing history, your sales conversion rate will naturally be higher. Crafting touchpoints to reflect exactly what a customer is looking for next and sending that touchpoint directly to their inbox will improve the overall Customer Experience.

Customer satisfaction in eCommerce occurs when your demographic establishes a sense of identity with your brand. Demonstrating that you understand your customers’ aesthetic and day-to-day needs leads to a better customer experience and increased brand loyalty.

Use the data you already collect from your customers to add customer-centric value to their experience on your eCommerce store.

Bots Will Play a Bigger Role

Most customers are looking for immediacy in their customer experience. That’s why they’re shopping online. A need develops, they discover your brand, and decide whether your product fulfills that need. Churn occurs in the Customer Journey, however, when a customer can’t find the information that would make them more comfortable purchasing your product. 

When this happens, it’s much more efficient to have AI assisted chatbots available on your site. Customers don’t want to wait to contact a customer service representative or sit in a chat queue with dozens of other people. They want the information they need to complete a purchase right away so that they can add your product to their cart and move on with their days. 

Chatbots and AI will also make managing social media and customer support a whole lot easier. While it will still be important to have real people managing your accounts, chatbots will take away the pressure of needing to find and respond to every comment, hashtag, or complaint.

Predictive Analytics

Technology is also providing eCommerce businesses with the tools to anticipate their customers’ next moves. Predictive analytics uses the data you collect from your customers to further personalize their experience by applying statistical algorithms to establish future behavior.

By analyzing patterns in browsing and purchasing, you can tailor your product suggestions to exactly what your customers need but haven’t yet seen. Understanding customer trends will allow you to curate content that feels unique and personalized to each customer who interacts with your business.

Consumers Will Value Transparency

When you’re relying on technology to help you reach and communicate with your customers, it’s crucial that you remain as transparent and honest as possible. You’re not in the business of tricking people into buying what you’re selling. You’re crafting valuable human connections through facilitating need-based transactions.

Customer expectations for brand honesty are high. While no business is looking to cause a scandal, data breaches and other mishaps are always possible. Clearly listing how you collect and use customer data is one way to be transparent and instill confidence in your customers. If something does go awry, clearly owning up to your mistakes on social media with humility and kindness is not only expected--it’s required.

Transparency will also come into play in advertising campaigns. If you’re proud of a service or product you offer that sets you apart from the competition, say so in your marketing. And then tell your customers how you make it happen.

Trends in the eCommerce Customer Experience are clearly embracing technology to foster customer loyalty and achieve growth. It’s more important than ever to deliver the most positive experience you can by showcasing your brand’s unique ability to fulfill exactly what your customers need.

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