The landscape of eCommerce and Customer Experience is constantly evolving. To compete, businesses must become curious about what they can do to connect with customers while offering valuable products.

Innovation in Customer Experience Management will be the key to attracting new customers and maintaining brand loyalty. This means staying current on technology, measuring your current Customer Experience, and understanding customer needs and expectations. 

Maintain Your Edge

In our current eCommerce market, 89% of companies anticipate competing on the basis of customer experience alone. This focus on customer experience means two things:

    1. Technology will evolve rapidly.
  1. Human connection will drive innovation.

The technology that drives eCommerce business will change quickly as businesses compete with one another. As a business owner, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering a better customer experience by embracing data collection, metrics, AI customer support, and platform diversification.

All of these innovations will, at their core, be customer-centric. That means that every new facet of technology will be focused on delivering an enhanced human connection. Your customer’s perception of your brand will be influenced by everything from your touchpoints to your response to customer feedback. Make sure your tech can support every aspect of customer experience.

Website Optimization

While it may seem obvious that a streamlined website is essential, your website likely has room for improvement. Analysts recently determined that 83% of customers will navigate to a business’s website to find information. That means that 83% of your customers see the information on your site as an integral component of their overall customer experience.

To maintain customer satisfaction, make sure you design your website with useful product pages that usher your site visitor through the Customer Journey. You’ll also want a detailed FAQ page and automated forms of customer support, such as chatbots. Your website is your biggest tool when facilitating customer interactions and managing customer engagement.

Engaging vs. Useful

A good customer experience on your site will translate to an increase in product sales. However, those sales are less reliable if you’re not creating meaningful connections with your customers. 

A recent study revealed that businesses that foster emotional connections with their customers outperform 85% of their competitors. To compete, this means your products need to be as useful as they are engaging. Focus on creating a compelling, relatable voice for your brand on social media and your website. 

When you connect with customers on an emotional level, you’re much more likely to communicate the value that your products can add. More importantly, you’ll be establishing customer loyalty on the closest thing to friendship that exists in the world of eCommerce. As more and more people create friendships on social media, you want your brand to feel like just another friend. A friend who has connections to some really fun products.

Invest in Customer Experience

When planning the direction for your business in the future, make sure to invest profits in Customer Experience Strategy. According to Gartner, businesses will commonly invest at least 50% of their budgets into innovating their customer experience. In years past, this money would have been allocated for product investments alone.

With this shift, we can clearly see the importance that the eCommerce market is placing on a positive experience first that drives sales second. If you’ve truly connected with customers, you can explore new product options with lower risk. Customer expectations for your brand are rooted in trust, meaning customers are much more likely to associate usefulness with the products they purchase on your site.

To maintain your edge in the eCommerce market, focus on what your brand can do for your customers. It’s not only about what products you can sell. When you deeply connect with customers, you demonstrate your value before they’ve even made a purchase.

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